Refresh the Way You Relax with Miraflora Beverage


Refresh, revitalize, and restore your body’s natural balance with Miraflora’s delicious, ready-to-drink sparkling beverage.

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Miraflora Oil for Pets


Your dog deserves the best (for loving you at your worst). Which is why we’ve created a line of pet products using the same organic full-spectrum Miraflora oil we use in our people products.

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Refresh the Way You Relax

Find Your Groove for Every Moment

With no sugar and low in calories, Miraflora Infusions fit in a surprising amount of functional ingredients: 35 mg of Miraflora oil flower extract, plus vitamins and minerals, and the Blood Orange and Peach Ginger flavors are both refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness.

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Customer Testimonials

I love Miraflora Oil Hemp Infusions after my at-home sweat. Peach Ginger has a smooth zing that aides in fitness recovery and repair.

Sara Quiriconi

I recently began taking Miraflora Oil tincture and gel capsules. I like to take these products before bed to help me relax.

Ana Canon

If there was ever a time to put Miraflora Oil products to good use it's now! Miraflora makes some truly top-notch products.

Marty Robertson

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Miraflora Oil Knowledge Hub: Learn how to use Miraflora Oil hemp oil to promote a balanced and healthy life.

What makes Miraflora special? Two words: Alpaca Gold.

Aside from our unique scientifically formulated products, we source our Miraflora Oil from the most nutrient-dense soil in America (it’s fertilized by our alpaca herd—Merlin, Jackson Hole, and the gang), providing you with the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil. It’s what your body deserves.

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